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Feline Friends Friday: Pinterest Cats

Here at Tux the Dapper Gent, we love Pinterest. Not only can one find a wealth of great recipes and fun wedding ideas, but there are TONS of fantastic pictures of our favorite subject: CATS! Here is a small smattering of some of our favorite pins:

Fiesta kitten

Heart whiskersDapper GentsHelping pawKarl and KittyCan't have nice thingsHelloBlack kitten tailThinking catDapper kittenInigo Meowntoya

For more details on these pins, and more adorable/hilarious cat photos, follow our CATS CATS CATS Pinterest board here.

And of course Tux has his own devoted Pinterest board as well here.

Cat Lady Covets: Eye mask

Cat eye mask

CatwomanI’ve never really been one to nap, but ever since I hit my 30’s I’ve been taking little cat naps here and there. Might have something to do with the fact that I got a cat for my 30th birthday, because I swear a warm cat on your lap is totally narcolepsy-inducing. But nevertheless, if and when I’m napping, I of course want to look as chic as possible. And what could be more cat-lady-chic-while-napping than this cute little eye mask? Bonus: emergency Halloween costume. Just claim you’re Catwoman and hope no one notices you can’t see anything. Remember, fashion over function!

Daily Dose of Dapper

drinking tux

I know I have my own water, but I swear water from my mom’s glass just tastes SO much better! I think she’s on to me though, she started drinking from water bottles when I’m around instead. Hmm…my head doesn’t fit, but maybe I can stick my paw in the bottle? Must try at a later date, will report back.

Tux Tuesday: FroliCat Bolt Laser Pet Toy

Tux watching laser

A bright red light suddenly appeared out of nowhere. A small, red dot, moving quickly in arcs over the floor and walls. What IS this thing? My instincts are telling me I must capture it.

Tux pouncing

I continuously pounce on it to no avail. It seems to be immortal. Perhaps my secret ninja sneak attack will work? No, it is an unstoppable freak of nature! But whatever it is, I know I must continue to chase it.

Tux flying

*Note from Cat Lady: Tux is talking about the FroliCat Bolt laser pet toy. When I need to get work done without Tux jumping on my lap, I just set it down, turn it on (it’s automatic!), and he’s kept busy for a little while. And it’s pretty entertaining to watch even if I’m not busy. When he was a baby kitten the noise from the motor scared him a bit at first, but now he’s crazy about it!

Feline Friends Friday: Nemo the Wild Kitty

Nemo adventure

Hi everyone, my name is Nemo and I have a nice house and yard in Oakland. I am honored to be one of the first cats ever selected for Feline Friends Friday! My owner and Tux’s owner work together — although neither of us can figure out why our owners would rather go to work than hang out with us all day. Anyway, as you can see, my owners, Dan and Yuri, let me go outside whenever I want. It’s pretty cool, we have some fun neighbors and a big chunk of land behind our house that was once part of an urban railway called the Key Route — lots of good hunting back there. Here you can see me returning from my adventures to see if Dan and Yuri have any food for me. It’s a pretty good arrangement, they feed me and occasionally I bring them a present that I’ve caught nearby. I usually like to drop off my gifts late at night when they are sleeping — they seem to love it. That’s all for now. Happy Friday!


Cat Lady Covets: Paul & Joe makeup set

Paul & Joe makeup set

Paul and Joe kitty makeup bagI’m already pretty obsessed with makeup (hello VIB rouge status at Sephora), but add cats to the packaging and I’m 100% on board. I saw this set while browsing the Urban Outfitters website for more cat items (of course) and fell in love. The cat head on the top of the cheek tint (could also double as a lipstick) is so adorable I’d probably be afraid to use it. What it doesn’t show on UO is the precious kitty-covered makeup bag that it all comes in, but I used my internet savvy to find a pic.

Paul and Joe eyeshadow paletteAnd while searching for said cosmetic bag I was directed to Paul and Joe’s website, which unearthed another hidden gem. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, yes, this is an eyeshadow palette that looks frighteningly and perfectly identical to Tux. Must I have this? I don’t think I even need to answer…but yes. Yes I do.

Daily Dose of Dapper

Tux at window

What is going on outside?! So many noises…I’m glad I’m safe up here. Luckily mom and dad put this chair here so I could look out, because I’m still too little to jump up on the ledge all by myself. But pretty soon I’ll be a big guy and can keep watch over my humble abode.

Tux at window 2

Tux Tuesday: Star Wars cat toys

Tux and Chewbacca

So I’m going to have to brag…I got the BEST Yoda and Chewbaccapresents ever for Christmas. A Chewbacca toy and a Yoda toy! I just love Star Wars (though they really could have used more cats in it). And the attention to detail is just superb (Chewbacca has his bandolier strap, and of course Yoda has his Jedi robe). Don’t tell them, but Chewbacca is my favorite, he’s just softer and since he’s bigger, he’s harder to lose (I keep losing Yoda under the tv cabinet).

P.S. Doesn’t dad have awesome pajama pants?!

Tux and Chewbacca 2

I love Chewbacca!!!