Home Sweet Home

Tux arriving home

Wow, what is this new place?! One minute I’m sitting in a room where lots of humans walk by everyday and look at me through the glass window, and the next minute I’m in a box with little holes in it that I can stick my nose through and look out. The box seems to be moving…am I going somewhere? It seems like forever that I’m trapped in it when two humans open the lid – oh, they were the ones I was waving at through the window! Are they my new parents?! I cautiously walk out and observe the surroundings.

Baby Tux

They keep calling me Tux. At my old home they called me Foghorn. Oh well, Tux is way cooler…much more masculine. Yeah, Tux, I like that. I think I could grow to like this place and these humans. And so my story truly begins…


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Cindy Hueber

    Am I wrong or does Tux have an unusually pink nose and foot pads? Cotton candy pink! Move over Grumpy cat…a star is born.


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