Tux Tuesday: Da Bird

Da Bird cat toy

For my first “Tux Tuesday” post, I just HAD to share my love for Da Bird. This thing is amazing! It looks and sounds like a real bird flying by (well, I’m a city cat, so I don’t get out much in nature). And it seems to be the only toy that wears me out to the point of panting. Didn’t know cats did that, did you? That’s because you haven’t found a cool enough toy yet for your cat!

Tux playing with Da Bird

Pouncing, attacking, and running away in a blur with my catch

I got a little too aggressive with my first Da Bird and tore out all of the feathers, but luckily daddy bought me a new one for my birthday yay! Even though there’s only a little stub of feathers left on my first one, I still love it and I drag it onto my parents bed in the middle of the night so they can play with me as soon as they wake up!

Before vs. after

Before vs. after

*Cat owner pro tip: Cat’s will destroy the feathers in a single play session if left to their own devices. To maintain the feathers for a longer period of time, it’s best to keep this toy out of reach, and use mainly for joint owner-kitty play sessions. However, the company wisely sells replacement feather refills in case your kitty is a little too aggressive.


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