Tux Tuesday: FroliCat Bolt Laser Pet Toy

Tux watching laser

A bright red light suddenly appeared out of nowhere. A small, red dot, moving quickly in arcs over the floor and walls. What IS this thing? My instincts are telling me I must capture it.

Tux pouncing

I continuously pounce on it to no avail. It seems to be immortal. Perhaps my secret ninja sneak attack will work? No, it is an unstoppable freak of nature! But whatever it is, I know I must continue to chase it.

Tux flying

*Note from Cat Lady: Tux is talking about the FroliCat Bolt laser pet toy. When I need to get work done without Tux jumping on my lap, I just set it down, turn it on (it’s automatic!), and he’s kept busy for a little while. And it’s pretty entertaining to watch even if I’m not busy. When he was a baby kitten the noise from the motor scared him a bit at first, but now he’s crazy about it!


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