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Daily Dose of Dapper: Tiger kitty

Striped Tux

Lookit dat, I has stripes! Can baby kittens change colors? Because all of a sudden I go from being plain black and white to tiger stripes in a matter of days. I hope its only temporary – I mean, my name is Tux (as in tuxedo, as in black and white) for a reason. Although now I fashionably match the Missoni pillow behind me.

Feline Friends Friday: Mercury the Kitten

Mercury sitting

We first heard about this little kitten on Love Meow and immediately fell in love. Mercury was found weighing only 5 ounces and missing both front legs (believed to have been caused by a weed whacker incident). He was immediately taken to a vet to be treated, and ever since has been living a normal life, frolicking and leaping after toys like any other cat. Though he is missing both front legs, his owners say he has found ways to get around by leaping or balancing on his back legs, and he simply loves life! He is an inspiration to everyone to make the best of life, no matter what challenges get thrown your way.

For more information, photos, and videos of Mercury, visit his Facebook page Raising Mercury.

Mercury playing

*All photos from Raising Mercury’s Facebook page

Cat Lady Covets: The Cat’s Pajamas


Forever 21 has been stepping up their cat game lately, and the other day I stumbled upon an abundance of adorable cat-adorned sleepwear on their site. To sweeten the deal, most of the sets (shirt and short/pants) are only around $13 – such a steal! To complete the look, add a kitty-inspired sleep mask (cute one here), and take your cat naps in style.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Don’t Add Water

Gremlin Tux

My ears flatten…my eyes go black…my body starts to shake…no, I’m not turning into a gremlin, I’m locked in on my favorite toy and ready to pounce! My mom jokes that I look like a mogwai (Gremlins reference) in this picture. I think I’m way cute than Gizmo though, don’t you?

Tux Tuesday: KitTea coming to SF

Kitty and teacup

OMG could it be true!? The first cat cafe in SF (KitTea) is finally on its way? I’ve been wanting to find a place I can meet some fine single female felines. Wait, you mean I can’t go? It’s for humans to go visit other cats there? You can just come visit me, I’m sure my mom will make some tea for you.

Cat Lady says: Tux is just a bit jealous, but we’re both SO excited for the prospect of a cat cafe in SF. What a perfect place for city-dwelling cat lovers that aren’t allowed pets in their apartments, or just cat lovers that also enjoyed drinking tea while surrounded by cats (who wouldn’t want that?). PLEASE please support them – they are currently raising funds to make this a reality, and need to reach $50,000 with only 10 days left. They are at $45,769 at time of publication, so they are almost there! Tux and I donated, and you should too! Click here for details on the amounts you can contribute and the cool perks you get with each donation, and watch the below video for more info about KitTea.

*All photos courtesy of KitTea’s facebook page

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Lady workout

Cat lady workout by Seo Kim

Now that Spring has officially sprung, it’s time to get in swimsuit shape! Here’s a great beginner’s workout for all you cat owners out there. The first one is a personal favorite of ours…with belly kisses in between each cat lift. 🙂

*Illustration is by Seo Kim – we first saw her work on Pinterest and it’s so cute! Check out her tumblr here for more fun cat illustrations and comics.

Cat Lady Covets: Cat pillow and tote

Cat pillow

Cat tote bagI first spotted this pillow on Pinterest and just had to click through to check out the company. They are based in South Africa and print the cutest sayings and graphics on pillow covers and tote bags (among other items). With cat items, it’s easy to go super cheesy or tacky, but to me this pillow says “modern, cool cat lady” as opposed to mothballs and dusty lampshades. Think granny-chic instead of granny-eeeek! I’m also obsessed with the “crazy cat lady” printed tote bag they sell – especially because here in San Francisco we don’t use plastic bags anymore for shopping (and paper bags are 10 cents per bag), so cute tote bags are all the rage.

Daily Dose of Dapper: I haz a sock!

Tux sock meme

If the success of Grumpy Cat is any indication, lately it’s all about the funny cat meme. So I decided it would be fun to create some memes of my own (and will hopefully catapult me to Grumpy Cat status). The formula is pretty simple: take a funny pic, add a caption, share with the world.
Anyways, mom caught me mid-groom and thought it made a funny picture and voila, a meme is born. I think she looks funny all the time.

Tux Tuesday: Pounce cat treats

Tux and his treats

The only thing that can lure me out of my secret hiding places is the “rattle rattle” sound of my favorite treats shaking around in their container. I’ll sit there debating whether I really want to make the effort, weighing the pros and cons, and the treats always win. I don’t know what it is about these fish-shaped snacks that I love so much – the delicious tuna flavor, the soft texture of the moist chews, the salty sea aroma – all I know is they are like kitty crack and I want more. Mom and Dad usually give me 1 or 2 throughout the day, but it’s the 2 before bed that I look forward to most. Like clockwork, they jump in bed and then start shaking the container, a last treat and head bump goodnight before I retreat back into my secret lair under the bed.

Pounce treats

Tux eating treats