Tux Tuesday: Storage box

Cat storage box

So I have my own closet for my supplies/clothes/toys…well, I guess it’s more of a box, but whatever. It used to be this boring black crate, but then one day I was walking by looking for food and – OMG, it’s a fabric storage box covered in cats! And I know it’s mine, because hello, it’s covered in pictures of cats! None of them are quite as handsome as me, but there are some cute lady cats on it. Apparently mom saw it in one of her favorite stores (here) and just knew I had to have it. She’s pretty cool like that sometimes – when she’s not being totally embarrassing. You know how moms can be.

Cat basket and bagCat lady says: Right now H&M has tons of cute home items emblazoned with cats in the kids section. It’s kind of insulting that it’s in the kids section (um, adults like cat stuff too), but at least they have cat stuff! This storage container is new and is totally cute for a girl cat. And there’s also this storage bag that could work well for your cat’s supplies. Or, you know, for your stuff too. Because who are we kidding, we really buy it for ourselves.


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