Tux Tuesday: Litter Genie

Potty like a rock star

Litter Genie

It’s something we all do but we don’t talk about…we use the litter box. Us cats are pretty clean, but it’s definitely the one dirty part of our life. Now I have to admit, my parents keep my litter box very clean and scoop twice daily. They used to moan and groan about scooping into plastic baggies and how they were stinking up the trash, but now they’ve found a solution that seems to make them much happier. It’s this plastic tower that sits next to my box that they call the litter genie (I call it my poop tower). I watch as they shovel the clumps into it and whoa, like magic it’s gone! And you can’t smell it which is good because that would totally gross me out. They basically empty it out every two weeks, and the bags are all part of a cartridge that’s sold with the genie (replacements are sold separately). See it in action below!


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