Cat Lady Covets: Cat pillow and tote

Cat pillow

Cat tote bagI first spotted this pillow on Pinterest and just had to click through to check out the company. They are based in South Africa and print the cutest sayings and graphics on pillow covers and tote bags (among other items). With cat items, it’s easy to go super cheesy or tacky, but to me this pillow says “modern, cool cat lady” as opposed to mothballs and dusty lampshades. Think granny-chic instead of granny-eeeek! I’m also obsessed with the “crazy cat lady” printed tote bag they sell – especially because here in San Francisco we don’t use plastic bags anymore for shopping (and paper bags are 10 cents per bag), so cute tote bags are all the rage.


3 thoughts on “Cat Lady Covets: Cat pillow and tote

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