Tux Tuesday: KitTea coming to SF

Kitty and teacup

OMG could it be true!? The first cat cafe in SF (KitTea) is finally on its way? I’ve been wanting to find a place I can meet some fine single female felines. Wait, you mean I can’t go? It’s for humans to go visit other cats there? You can just come visit me, I’m sure my mom will make some tea for you.

Cat Lady says: Tux is just a bit jealous, but we’re both SO excited for the prospect of a cat cafe in SF. What a perfect place for city-dwelling cat lovers that aren’t allowed pets in their apartments, or just cat lovers that also enjoyed drinking tea while surrounded by cats (who wouldn’t want that?). PLEASE please support them – they are currently raising funds to make this a reality, and need to reach $50,000 with only 10 days left. They are at $45,769 at time of publication, so they are almost there! Tux and I donated, and you should too! Click here for details on the amounts you can contribute and the cool perks you get with each donation, and watch the below video for more info about KitTea.

*All photos courtesy of KitTea’s facebook page


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