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Daily Dose of Dapper: Meerkat

Tux meerkat

What is that noise?! It’s coming from the box on the counter…a light is on, something is spinning around in it, making lots of popping noises. I must assume meerkat position and investigate. Oh, mom’s just making popcorn! Can I have some?

Tux Tuesday: Cat Fountain

Drinkwell cat fountain

As previously stated in an earlier blog post, I love sinks. I love the cool feeling of the ceramic against my fur, I love splashing in the water, and most of all, I love drinking the fresh water. I jump up into the sink and sit there expectantly, waiting for mom to turn it on for me so I can quench my thirst. But what do I do when she’s not home? I’m getting tired of the boring water in my bowl cup.

Cat drinking out of fountainI found the perfect solution (and just need to convince my parents to get it for me). It’s called the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain, and I mean, it looks pretty amazing. There’s a free-flowing fountain that circulates constantly into the reservoir below, and even a filter to make sure the water tastes as yummy as possible. And it holds 168 fluid ounces of water! See, I’d be doing my parents a favor, they would only need to refill my water like once every two weeks! This dapper little gent has his first birthday coming up in August, just saying 😉

Daily Dose of Dapper: Belly Time

Tux belly 1

It’s no secret, I love getting my belly rubbed. As soon as I see a potential human to scratch it, I’m flopped over, white tummy exposed. I’m so cute, how could you resist?

Tux belly 2Keep rubbing please…

Tux belly 3Um, hello, this belly won’t rub itself!

Tux belly 4Pure kitty belly bliss

Feline Friends Friday: Wet Cats

Wet Cat

It’s raining in SF today, and while we should be happy because California is in a drought right now, this is more like how we feel. Commuting in the rain is the pits. But to cheer ourselves up, we are looking at pictures of wet cats that look much more miserable than us. Hey, at least it’s Friday! Check out 21 more hilarious pics here.

Cat Lady Covets: CATable

As every cat owner knows, trying to work at a desk with a cat around is nearly impossible. They will inevitably knock pens to the ground and step all over your keyboard or papers (see baby Tux doing all of the above here).

Cat Table 2

Well, Ruan Hao of Hong Kong’s LYCS Architecture came up with the solution to the cat-on-the-desk problem. Meet a new wave in caturniture (cat + furniture = caturniture): the CATable. This table provides the perfect hiding spots to keep your cat happy and engaged (and off the top of the desk), while still keeping them close to you (which is why they want to be up there in the first place). Not to mention it looks pretty cool.

Cat Table 3*This table was seen at Milan Design Week. All images from LYCS Architecture.

Tux Tuesday: Brady Bird

Tux and Brady Bird

Brady BirdGrandma got me this cool toy and I’m obsessed with attacking it. It’s this crazy bird puppet called “Brady Bird” that hides in it’s nest and then jumps out and tries to scare me. I just really like biting it’s feathers and crinkly streamer head. I also like wrapping my paws around Brady so I can get a really good position to attack the streamers and kick at the nest with my back paws. As you can see from the picture at the right, Brady has already taken quite a few attacks from me.

Tux and BB 2Tux and BB 3Tux and BB 4

Daily Dose of Dapper: Not Monday again!

Tux covering face

Ugh, the weekends are just waaay to short. I was all snuggled up in bed, enjoying the slightly overcast morning in SF, and the dang sun just had to break through, shining right in my eyes.

Feline Friends Friday: Places That Cats Belong

Places that cats belong

Another Feline Friday with one of our favorites, Pusheen. Why does this say no to all of these places though?? I happen to love them all (see my sink post from Wednesday). But the last one is definitely true, a cat belongs most of all, in your heart ❤

Cat Lady Covets: Cat Wall Art

Cat prints 1

I have a couple of lonely walls in my apartment. You know the type – the bathroom, a hallway nook, the oddly shaped kitchen cranny – just begging for a small piece of art to decorate it. They are oft forgotten in favor of the massive  living room wall that always stands tall, boasting it’s larger-than-life art piece hanging above the couch. But yet, these tiny places are still important and we must not forget them.

Enter Etsy – a marketplace full of handmade treasures and one-of-a-kind art prints just looking for the right owner. And, as I found, the Mecca for cat lovers that also happen to love art.
Now, I’m not recommending going cat crazy (remember, no granny-eek!), but I found quite a few tasteful, modern, chic, and most importantly affordable, cat prints for sale. And can you believe that are all under $25?! Perfect for that little nook you’ve been waiting to fill.

Cat Prints 2

Top set of prints (left to right)
1. I Slow Blink You So Much 8″x10″ print, $21 (3 size options) by PopDoggie
2. All You Need Is Love & A Cat 8″x10″ print, $18 (9 text color options) by HelloLittleFox
3. Minimalist Cat 8.5″x11″ print, $21 by evesand

Bottom set of prints (left to right)
4. Black Cat Abstract Modern Cat 8″x10″ print, $20 by OzscapeDesigns
5. Fort Point Archival Map 9″x12″ print, $24 by rachelaustin
6. Curious Peeking Kitty 8″x10.5″ print on vintage book, $9 by WhiskerPrints