Tux Tuesday: Better Than a Paper Bag?

Tux and his bag

Nothing makes me happier than when my parents come back with groceries. Now it’s not what you think – I could care less about the food (well, depends what they buy), it’s those paper bags that I’m after. The second one is emptied, I’m jumping in and thrashing around, showing that bag who’s boss. It’s usually demolished within an hour, but not to worry, there are always more.

Leopard Cat SackHowever, mom was browsing the Petco website and saw this fancy leopard cat sack and thinks it would be the perfect toy for me. It is a bag – which I love – filled with a crinkle and catnip infused interior. It’s covered in a furry leopard fabric which I’m sure I would enjoy laying on, and it doesn’t look like I could destroy it within an hour, so the durability is also a bonus.

It’s pretty cool, but for now I’ll just keep playing with my paper bag.

Tux in bagTux in bag 2



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