Tux Tuesday: Cat Bowl Mat

Cat bowl mat

So I guess my parents think I’m a messy eater. Me, the dapper gent? No way, I have impeccable manners. Nevertheless, one day I go to eat my dinner and there’s a grey mat under my bowls.

The first mat I had was a piece of plastic with a cherry print on it (hello, do I look like a girl??) so of course I would bunch it up and shove it in the corner. So I’m glad they took the hint and bought me this much manlier grey place mat. Apparently it can absorb up to 4 times it’s weight in water, so I decided to test that out by dumping my water glass over. Mom wasn’t too pleased, but it did in fact absorb a lot of the water, and the rest I used to wash my paws like a dapper gent would.

Tux eating on mat

*And yes, I drink out of a glass like a proper gentleman. I’m not some savage beast that drinks out of a bowl, please!


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