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Feline Friends Friday: The Cat Circus is in Town

There’s a cat circus/cat rock band in town and I’m missing it?! So sad but true – by the time I found out about this magical group of felines (The Acro-Cats and The Rock Cats), tickets were already completely sold out. But I’m vowing to closely follow their tour schedule in the hopes that they come back soon, and in the meantime, will have to be satisfied by watching their music video on repeat.

For more info on this troupe of cats and future tour dates, visit

Cat Lady Covets: Pretty Snake Swim

Kitty swimsuits

Summertime and the living’s easy…now all you need is a fabulous kitty-covered swimsuit to lounge around the pool in! Swimsuits should be fun, and that’s exactly what designer Joseph Aaron Segal of Pretty Snake infuses unabashedly into his collections.

Kitty swimsuits and print

Best known for the Crazy Kitty Sweater and his run on Project Runway Season 11, Segal has now branched out into swimwear. His other swim prints include frosting, sprinkles, and seashells, but my favorite is of course the Kitty Garden Party print (there’s even a little tuxedo cat lurking in the print!). And not one to exclude anyone, he also has mens suits available for all of the cat-loving males out there.

Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $38 for the string bottoms to $78 for a halter swim top. I was worried that once he achieved Project Runway fame Segal would raise prices, but he’s kept them the same which says a lot about him. I just hope he makes a comeback on an upcoming All-Stars season – he was definitely eliminated too soon and I would love to see some kitty designs on the show!

*All photos from Segal’s Instagram @prettysnake

Daily Dose of Dapper: Snooze Button

Sleepy Tux

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? I love long holiday weekends. I’m so rejuvenated, ready to spring up in the morning and get my day started…who am I kidding, I’m sleeping in! It’s just so nice and cuddly in bed here with mom, her arm the perfect spot to rest my little head.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Memorial Day BBQ

Tux in cooler

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice long holiday weekend! In lieu of my usual Tux Tuesday post, I wanted to share some pics from our Memorial Day BBQ. I was up early and ready to start the drinking! So much so, that my parents had a hard time keeping me out of the cooler. So I settled for sitting in an empty beer carton and observing the activities.

Tux in beer carton

Feline Friends Friday: X-Cats

The new X-Men movie comes out in theaters today (X-Men: Days of Future Past), and what better way to celebrate than with this adorably hilarious video parody we found. Don’t mess with these X-Cats, they mean business when it comes to their food! The “Storm” cat cracks me up every time. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Cat Lady Covets: Lost Cat by Caroline Paul

Lost Cat book

For many cat owners, one of the biggest questions that runs through our brain is: What do our cats do when we’re not home? We sometimes find proof of their secret life – a glass tipped over, a stack of clothes that has obviously been slept on, a stray mint out of its wrapper in the middle of the floor. But what if they were to leave us for weeks with no warning, and one day just stroll back in the door like nothing had happened. What did they do in this alternate life? That’s exactly what happened to Caroline Paul (author) and partner Wendy MacNaughton (illustrator), and they decided to turn their story into a book. Their hilarious and heartfelt tale follows their search for their cat, and shows what desperate lengths people will go to in bringing back a member of their family. Lost Cat is not only a book for animal and cat lovers, but for anyone that has ever done anything desperate for love. It’s a quick read (a perfect beach-day companion) with quirky illustrations and infographics along the way.

Lost cat book

For more info on the author/illustrator and the book, check out their interactive site (it’s just as adorable as the book). But don’t just take my word for it – this playful video pretty much sums up the fun feeling of the book and explains what it is all about. If you like the video, you’ll love the book.

Tux Tuesday: DIY Cat Toy

Lambie flying toy

What do you get when you combine an old Da Bird rod with a Lamb chop plush toy and some random silver tinsel? An amazing and addicting cat toy, that’s what! Mom is really quite an innovator sometimes. She saw that I wouldn’t really go after Lambie anymore unless she was pulling it around, so she tied it onto the rod. And I’m crazy about crinkly and shiny tinsel, so she decided to tie a couple of those pieces on. The tinsel makes the coolest sound when she swings it through the air (like a really noisy bird), and I just start going nuts for it. And voila, I now have a completely new toy to chase after and drag around the house.

Tux lambie toyTux lambie 2Chasing Lambie-bird is exhausting!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Um, Hello!?

Tux behind door

Hello! Hello?! Hey, it’s me Tux, you seem to have forgotten to take me in there with you. What are you doing in there? Do you need my assistance? I think you’re lonely, you need to let me in. It’s been a whole minute, how can you possibly not want me with you every second of the day?!

Tux paws under door

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Saves Boy

Another “Feel good Friday” post for you. This video has been going viral for the past couple of days, and it’s easy to see why. A 4-year-old boy was riding his tricycle around his driveway when a neighbor’s dog ran up and started attacking him. Luckily his cat Tara sprang into action and thwarted the attack, throwing her body into the dog and forcing it off the boy, chasing it away. Moments later she comes back to check on the boy, a true companion.

So give your cat a big hug today, because you never know, one day they just might save you.