Tux Tuesday: Fiesta toys

Fiesta Cat Toys

As you could see from yesterday’s blog and multiple Facebook posts, I had a blast celebrating Cinco de Mayo Meow. I love a good themed holiday. However, I felt a tad underdressed without a proper sombrero – I mean, how am I supposed to really get into the spirit without one? So I started researching online for next year and found a couple of good options.

Cats and toys

Look at how much fun these cats are having! This will be me next year.

During my search however, I stumbled upon an unexpected gem – these awesome Fiesta-themed cat toys! There are 7 toys in the set: a piñata, margarita, mini taco, slice of lime, chili pepper, and maraca. There’s even a tiny beaded mariachi sombrero with elastic straps, perfect for photo ops and solving my problem of finding a sombrero elsewhere. The toys are all filled with organic catnip to get a nice little kitty buzz going on. All I can say is, can’t wait for next year!


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