Tux Tuesday: DIY Cat Toy

Lambie flying toy

What do you get when you combine an old Da Bird rod with a Lamb chop plush toy and some random silver tinsel? An amazing and addicting cat toy, that’s what! Mom is really quite an innovator sometimes. She saw that I wouldn’t really go after Lambie anymore unless she was pulling it around, so she tied it onto the rod. And I’m crazy about crinkly and shiny tinsel, so she decided to tie a couple of those pieces on. The tinsel makes the coolest sound when she swings it through the air (like a really noisy bird), and I just start going nuts for it. And voila, I now have a completely new toy to chase after and drag around the house.

Tux lambie toyTux lambie 2Chasing Lambie-bird is exhausting!


1 thought on “Tux Tuesday: DIY Cat Toy

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