Cat Lady Covets: Lost Cat by Caroline Paul

Lost Cat book

For many cat owners, one of the biggest questions that runs through our brain is: What do our cats do when we’re not home? We sometimes find proof of their secret life – a glass tipped over, a stack of clothes that has obviously been slept on, a stray mint out of its wrapper in the middle of the floor. But what if they were to leave us for weeks with no warning, and one day just stroll back in the door like nothing had happened. What did they do in this alternate life? That’s exactly what happened to Caroline Paul (author) and partner Wendy MacNaughton (illustrator), and they decided to turn their story into a book. Their hilarious and heartfelt tale follows their search for their cat, and shows what desperate lengths people will go to in bringing back a member of their family. Lost Cat is not only a book for animal and cat lovers, but for anyone that has ever done anything desperate for love. It’s a quick read (a perfect beach-day companion) with quirky illustrations and infographics along the way.

Lost cat book

For more info on the author/illustrator and the book, check out their interactive site (it’s just as adorable as the book). But don’t just take my word for it – this playful video pretty much sums up the fun feeling of the book and explains what it is all about. If you like the video, you’ll love the book.


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