Cat Lady Covets: Pretty Snake Swim

Kitty swimsuits

Summertime and the living’s easy…now all you need is a fabulous kitty-covered swimsuit to lounge around the pool in! Swimsuits should be fun, and that’s exactly what designer Joseph Aaron Segal of Pretty Snake infuses unabashedly into his collections.

Kitty swimsuits and print

Best known for the Crazy Kitty Sweater and his run on Project Runway Season 11, Segal has now branched out into swimwear. His other swim prints include frosting, sprinkles, and seashells, but my favorite is of course the Kitty Garden Party print (there’s even a little tuxedo cat lurking in the print!). And not one to exclude anyone, he also has mens suits available for all of the cat-loving males out there.

Prices are very reasonable, ranging from $38 for the string bottoms to $78 for a halter swim top. I was worried that once he achieved Project Runway fame Segal would raise prices, but he’s kept them the same which says a lot about him. I just hope he makes a comeback on an upcoming All-Stars season – he was definitely eliminated too soon and I would love to see some kitty designs on the show!

*All photos from Segal’s Instagram @prettysnake


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