Cat Lady Covets: Féline Meow sweatshirt

Feline meow sweatshirts

A play on the famous Céline fashion house, I’ve seen this sweatshirt all over the Pinterest fashion boards and on celebrities like Miley Cyrus. But I didn’t start to really covet it until I saw the sweatshirt in Kitson when I was down in LA a couple of weekends ago.

Maybe it was the allure of being in a celeb shopping mecca, maybe it was the gold foiled lettering, but whatever it was, I now want – no, need – this sweatshirt. I picked through the stack, found my size, and started toward the register when I looked at the price tag: $98. $98?! Surely there was some sort of mistake, I didn’t expect it to be more than $40. Dejectedly, I set it back down, knowing there was just no way I could bring myself to ever pay that much for a kitsch sweatshirt.

I researched when I got home and realized that the sweatshirts are made by the infamous Brian Lichtenberg (creator of the cheeky “faux designer” sweatshirts and t-shirts all of the celebs are sporting) and realized why the price was so high. However, I knew something like this had to (gasp) have similar copycat designs online. As always, Etsy came through, and I found a very similar take on the Féline Meow sweatshirt for a fraction of the price. Though I would never usually wear a fake, for something that I would only be casually sporting around SF, a copy is fine with me.


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