Tux Tuesday: Yoda Ears

Tux yoda

I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, but I don’t feel a need to dress up as the characters. Apparently my parents don’t feel the same way.

I was running low on food and litter, so Mom and Dad made a trip to Petco over the weekend. Petco trips usually mean a new toy or treat for me, so I ran to the door to greet them when they got home. I wonder what they got me this time!? Mom pulls something fuzzy and green (yoda ears) out of the bag, and then plops it on my head! That was NOT what I had in mind. Perplexed, I started thrashing my head around, trying to throw off this unwanted attacker. Ahhh, I think an alien is trying to eat my brains!

Tux yoda 2Tux thrashing yoda

Mom told me if I stayed still for one picture she would take it off and give me a treat. Begrudgingly I obliged, then flung it off and attacked it a bit for good measure. Man, the things a guy has got to do around here for treats! I usually welcome the Star Wars toys (like my good friend Chewbacca), but this time, I think I could have done without.

Tux yoda meme



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