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Cat Lady Covets: Jet Set Pets

Rue collection Jet Set Pets

What do you get when you mix a cat, a beautiful beach scene, and Marc by Marc Jacobs? Perfection, in my book. Marc Jacobs is pretty on point with his phone case game, so I was searching the site for a new one when I saw this case. It pretty much marries together three of my favorite things, and couldn’t be more perfect (well, except for the fact that I still have a 4s, boo). But the tote bag is soooo cute too (and living in SF where you have to pay 10 cents per bag now at all stores, a good shopping bag is key). But why not collect all three?!

And for lovers of animals other than cats, Marc by Marc Jacobs also has these other adorable Jet Set Pet options available.

Jet Set Pets phone cases

Daily Dose of Dapper: Snug as a Bug

Tux in blanket

Ever since I got home from vacation I’ve been super cuddly and mellow. I think it might be worrying mom and dad a little, but I’m just content to be home and have my window perch back.

Last night I just curled up in a big pile of blankets near mom and dad while they were watching tv and just slept. I figure if I’m as cute and well-behaved as possible maybe they won’t leave me to go on another trip so soon. Though I already see suitcases sitting out again…sigh.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Hanging Around

Tux hanging

Well, I think it’s finally happened…my arms don’t fit in my perch anymore. I’m just going to improvise and hang them outside of my tower. There, now I can also quickly attack anyone trying to disturb my sleep and also have a comfortable new sleeping position. It’s a win-win.

Tux hanging 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Back from Vacation

Sleepy Tux

Happy Monday! Sorry I’ve been away for a bit – mom and dad went away to a wedding last week and I went on another vacation (this time to my other grandparents house). They have a big golden retriever named Mandy, which you can see I’ve been a little wary of from past posts. But I think we are finally getting used to each other, and might even be building a friendship. One night we even slept on the same bed (well, grandma was between us, but it’s still a pretty big step)! I spent and lot of time sleeping and looking out windows, but I got a little jealous when they would all go in the pool and wouldn’t take me in with them. It looks like a big bathtub to me, and we all know how I love playing in water. Overall I had a great trip, but I’m really excited to see mom and dad today. I’m going to give them so many kisses and head butts!

Above and below are some of the pics from my stay that my grandparents snapped.

Tux loungingTux and Mandy


Daily Dose of Dapper: MeerCAT Manor

Tux meerkat 1

Do you remember that show? About the family of meerkats on Animal Planet? Mom thinks I look like a meerkat when I stand on my back legs. I was just looking out the window at some birds, waving and trying to say hi. “Hi there – oh, it went away…there it is again, hi there!”

Tux meerkat 2Tux meerkat 3Tux meerkat 4Tux meerkat 5

Feline Friends Friday: Sneezing Cats


Or should I say, “Funny Felines Friday!?” I can’t help but LOL whenever I see photos of cats sneezing. Their facial expressions range from possessed demon kitty to derp faces and I love every one of them. The photo session starts out well-intended – to capture a cute kitty moment, but while shooting away the sneeze hits and if you’re lucky enough to catch it, hilarity ensues. These are some of my favorites that Bored Panda collected, and to see all of them click here. I think these might trump our past collected post of cute/funny cat photos, what do you think?


Cat Lady Covets: Cat Print Duvet

Cat print duvet

One of my favorite ways to relax on the weekend is taking “cat naps” with Tux. I don’t set out intending to sleep, but if I settle in to read a book and he curls up on my lap, it’s inevitable that soon I’ll be sound asleep.

But how fun would it be to take our cat naps on a bed covered in cats?! When I saw this duvet, I fell in love with the playful graphic black and white cat print. Only available in a full/queen size duvet, it would be perfect for a kid’s room or a quirky guest room. I can see it now – the guests were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of prancing cats danced in their heads.

Cat print detail

Daily Dose of Dapper: Couch Potato

Tux remote control

Don’t even think about touching the remote! Jackson Galaxy is on Animal Planet and you know he’s my favorite. I’ve got my favorite blanket and I’m ready to settle in for the day for a “My Cat from Hell” marathon. Can you believe those cats? I would never be that bad 😉

Tux Tuesday: Travel in Style

Tux in his carrier

Riding in my Sherpa carrier with my trusty lobster friend to keep me company

As far as cats go, you could say I’m definitely a well-traveled gent. Since both sets of grandparents live close by, we take lots of weekend trips to their houses. Mom and dad realized since we’d be traveling so much that they should upgrade my standard “take home” cardboard carrier for a more substantial one.

Tux sightseeing

Taking in the sights in my Sherpa pet carrier

One trip to Petco later, and I had my fancy, chic Sherpa pet carrier. It has a super cozy faux lambskin liner to cuddle up on, and mesh panels that make it easy to see (and breathe) out of. I like that the top unzips and mom will let me poke my head out and watch the view. See all of the great features in the below diagram, or just take my word for it 😉

Sherpa pet carrier