Daily Dose of Dapper: Back from Vacation

Sleepy Tux

Happy Monday! Sorry I’ve been away for a bit – mom and dad went away to a wedding last week and I went on another vacation (this time to my other grandparents house). They have a big golden retriever named Mandy, which you can see I’ve been a little wary of from past posts. But I think we are finally getting used to each other, and might even be building a friendship. One night we even slept on the same bed (well, grandma was between us, but it’s still a pretty big step)! I spent and lot of time sleeping and looking out windows, but I got a little jealous when they would all go in the pool and wouldn’t take me in with them. It looks like a big bathtub to me, and we all know how I love playing in water. Overall I had a great trip, but I’m really excited to see mom and dad today. I’m going to give them so many kisses and head butts!

Above and below are some of the pics from my stay that my grandparents snapped.

Tux loungingTux and Mandy



2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Dapper: Back from Vacation

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      Thanks! Sorry for the absence – mom thought she would have wifi on vacation to post and didn’t. Obviously she should have scheduled ahead of time like I told her to 😉
      xo Tux


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