Cat Lady Covets: Kitty Birthday Treats

Tuna birthday cake

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It’s a very, very special day for us tomorrow…Tux is turning 1!!! What a big boy he has become. So in typical cat mom style, I’ve been trying to think of something nice to do for him for his birthday. I was thinking maybe I’d buy him a gourmet cat cookie or little cat for fun, but after an hour on google and yelp could not find a single cat treat bakery in San Francisco (new business idea??). Side note, if any readers know of a local cat treat bakery in the Bay Area, let me know!

Then I took to the web, looking for treats I could order, but realized it wouldn’t make it to our house by tomorrow (but Etsy had some really cute options). It seemed the only option was to make him something myself. I again started a search for DIY cat treats, and found quite a few, but a common theme seemed to be people commenting on the recipes saying how cats aren’t supposed to eat this or that (which of course made me paranoid). So it looks like I might just be making Tux a tuna or salmon and cat food cake like the one shown above, but I’m okay with that (and I think he will be too).

However, to all of my cat lovers out there, I would love to make him cat treats sometime and thought that this recipe from Joy the Baker sounded great. Does anyone have advice on what cats can and can’t eat as far as people food? Some common ingredients are oats, eggs, olive oil, and cornmeal (which I found most people advised against). Thanks for any advice you can provide, and stay tuned for a special post tomorrow!


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