Feline Friends Friday: Tiger and Snowboots

Tiger and Snowboots

Tiger basking in the sun

This Friday we are featuring brothers Tiger and Snowboots of the adorable blog Catbook – a Facebook for Cats! Read below for a summary of their personalities by their mom Emma, and check out their site for more cat pics and stories.

Tiger: (tabby with spots on his belly) cuddler, not very adventurous- doesn’t go past the front yard, uses the scratching post, food obsessed, chunky (a little bit fat), darker fur than his brother, no white points – just a cream colored belly and chin, he will do the meerkat pose if the treat is held above him, skittish.

Tiger and Snowboots

Snowboots: (tabby with white points and spots on belly) adventurous – goes down the street and in the neighbors who have a big dog’s back garden, uses the carpet and the furniture as a scratching post, bites our feet at five am to get food, not cuddly very often but when he is cuddly he likes to sleep on the pink dog bed, my bed, and sometimes the couch, has a kink on the end of his tail, always covered in dust even if you can’t see it.

Brotherly love


1 thought on “Feline Friends Friday: Tiger and Snowboots

  1. Emma

    thank you so much for featuring Tiger and Snowboots in Feline Friends Friday. I did a post on Catbook about Tux the Dapper Gent from the point of view of Snowboots. Keep being handsome, Tux


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