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Daily Dose of Dapper: Happy Birthday Mom!

Tux and mommy

I decided to use my DDofD (Daily Dose of Dapper) post today to wish my wonderful mommy a very happy birthday! This is one of my favorite selfies of us. May your day be filled with lots of tuna and catnip! I’ll always be your little parrot kitty 🙂

Daily Dose of Dapper: Cozy Couch Corner

Tux on the couch

Whenever I visit grandma and grandpa in wine country, you will usually find me either looking out the windows at the wildlife or curled up on my favorite couch. I like to sink into the cushions and curl up against the back; it’s just such a cozy spot! So cozy in fact that I didn’t want to leave, but once I get home I remember how much I love my cat tree and window bed and am glad to be home.

Feline Friends Friday: The PURRiodic Table of Cats

PURRiodic Table of Cats

Instead of featuring just one feline friend, how about the 50 most famous internet cats?! We saw this awesome table while surfing the web and love seeing all of our favorites in one place. And the categorization is both accurate and hilarious. But one cat is clearly missing…Tux the Dapper Gent! We think he would likely fall into the “humorous cats” category. Or create a new category of his own…the “dapper gents,” or perhaps, the “box lovers.”

Click here to go to the fully interactive version of the table and get info on each cat that is featured. Who is your favorite?

Cat Lady Covets: Guard Cat Mat

Guard cat mat

People will know what they’re walking into with this mat outside the door. And in our case, it’s not even a joke (our precious little Tux can be quite ferocious at times). It’s also a win as far as practicality…somewhere to wipe your shoes, and also a reminder to anyone that might come in the door that there’s a cat inside (don’t let it out!). Now if we could only find one with an actual picture of Tux on it!

Mat in setting

Daily Dose of Dapper: Shoe(box) Lover

Tux in shoebox

Well, it’s finally happened guys…I’ve busted one of my boxes. I don’t think I’m a hefty guy at all, but I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a little kitten anymore and some boxes might just be a bit too small for my adult kitty body. I have to say though, I still like this box and plan on keeping it. It’s actually more convenient with one side open…easier to get in and out of. And then I can just lay on the broken flap and rest my body against the good side, best of both worlds. Yawn, now back to bed.

Tux yawn box

Tux Tuesday: Earthbath Natural Pet Care

Earthbath wipes and shampoo

As you saw in yesterday’s post, I am on occasion subjected to baths. But I’ve only had 4 so far in my kitty life so I don’t think that’s too bad. But when I get a little dusty and dirty (being a city cat in downtown SF means lots of city dust) mom and dad like to assist me in the Earthbath grooming foamclean up. For such occasions I love my Earthbath shampoo – it’s very mild and has a lovely vanilla coconut scent to it (but very faint and doesn’t interfere with my natural scent). My favorite, the oatmeal and aloe shampoo (all natural and soap-free!) is great for itchy and sensitive skin. It makes me so fluffy and pretty!

But when my feet are just a little dirty looking mom and dad pull out the grooming wipe version of a bath from Earthbath. They also have a grooming foam which I haven’t tried yet but sounds like a great alternative to baths. Apparently you just rub it on and then towel it off! Do you guys have any favorite grooming products?

Daily Dose of Dapper: Bath Time

Tux not pleased by being wet

Unlike most cats, I actually don’t mind baths that much. I mean, I give myself at least 4 baths a day. And on the occasion that my paws are looking a little dirty and mom decides to give me a “real” bath, I don’t even really mind that too much. The part I hate is being wet for hours afterwards. I slink around the house embarrassed by the wet hair clinging to my body, making me appear like a drowned rat, and feverishly try to dry it by licking the water off as fast as possible. I can’t believe mom took a pic of me all spiky and wet, so embarrassing.

Tux wet

Feline Friends Friday: Dita the Cat and Catsu

Catsu the Cat - Snuggle positions

We love our cat comics here at Tux the Dapper Gent, and just found another great one to follow. Meet Catsu the Cat, inspired by real-life cat Dita. The team behind Catsu, Daria (the artist) and D. (the editor and motivator) are also designers and photographers and it shows through their clean and fun site. We are currently in the summer season of the comic right now in SF, and I can’t wait for Autumn kitty snuggles. It’s too hot for all of us right now to think about snuggles.

Dita the Cat instagram

Almost as great as the comics is Daria’s Instagram account (@deeeedl), filled with gorgeous pics of Dita as well as artistic shots of food, fashion, and pages from her sketchbook. Here are some of our favs from her Instagram.

Dita the Cat 2Dita the Cat 3


Cat Lady Covets: Cat Body Muscle Tank

Cat Muscle Tank

This shirt is in the Halloween section of Urban Outfitters, but who wouldn’t want to wear this tank all of the time? I’ve always known that I’m part-cat, but now this top can make it a reality. Cut long and loose, it’s begging for a casual weekend outfit of torn black jeans and an over-sized cardigan thrown over the top.