Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tux Tuesday: Homemade Turkey Cat Toy

Turkey cat toy

How fun is this turkey cat toy? We were browsing the web and trying to find fun cat toys for Thanksgiving and stumbled upon this great tutorial video (below) to make your own turkey cat toy from an old glove. Not only is it a perfect way to use up that lone glove that has long-lost its match, it will also keep your feline companion engaged and busy with their new toy while everyone else chats/cooks/eats. And since all cats have their own preferences, you can choose to fill it with whatever your own cat would like most (I would sub in some really crinkly plastic since Tux loves that sound).

Daily Dose of Dapper: Tub Time

Tux tub

Rub a dub dub, it’s me in the tub! Just chilling out (literally) and enjoying the feel of the cold tile on my fur and licking up stray water droplets. I also like to observe while mom gets ready in the morning, and sitting in the tub ensures I stay out of her way.

Feline Friends Friday: How to Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and food prep begins, we wanted to leave you with some pre-Thanksgiving tips from Pusheen to ensure you are making the most of your holiday celebrations. And Tux says to remember to be thankful for your feline companions and throw them some small bits of turkey to give thanks!

Pusheen Thanksgiving

Cat Lady Covets: Tuxedo Cat Kitchen Accessories

towel and mitt

We of course love all things cat, especially all things tuxedo cat. This adorable tuxedo cat tea towel and oven mitt would be the perfect addition to our kitchen, and would even match our black, white, and red color scheme! But most importantly, they would remind anyone visiting our kitchen who is the true “star” of our household (as if there was any doubt).

Daily Dose of Dapper: Grumpy Selfie

Grumpy selfie Tux

It’s rainy and cold outside which is supposed to make you feel cozy, but today it just makes me feel grumpy. Maybe it’s because mom and dad are at work and I want to be cuddling with them and instead I’m stuck here at home alone. Hrmph. But on the bright side it captures my whiskers nicely on Whisker Wednesday!

Tux Tuesday: Cat Tunnel

Cat tunnel

So I’ve decided that I want, no NEED, a cat tunnel. I love playing in paper bags and boxes, and this just takes the concept one step further with another open end to pop out of. I saw this one online and think it would be perfect for me (hint hint to my parents). It expands to 3 feet of tunnel space to play in, and has a fun little window to pop out of and scare people. It also features a crackly liner (I love the sound of crackly things like candy wrappers and paper bags) and even a hanging toy inside! I’m keeping my paws crossed for one!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Snuggle Bug

Tux cuddles

I was a little snuggle bug on Sunday and just couldn’t get enough of sitting on mommy’s lap. She had a cozy blanket on her, and every time she sat down on the couch with the blanket I just couldn’t help myself and had to jump up and nap for a bit. I know she doesn’t mind though 🙂

Tux sleeping

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Who Sits Like a Human

To start your Friday off on a funny note, we give you “The cat who sits like a human.” We don’t know who he is, but when we saw him on Buzzfeed we just couldn’t get enough of his un-feline-like ways. Upon further research, it seems he was born with malformed legs which causes him problems sitting like a “normal” cat. We are happy he seems to have a loving home that takes care of him!

Cat sits like a humanCat who sits like a human 2Cat who sits like a human 3

Cat Lady Covets: Cat Lady Bandages

Cat Lady Bandages

We all love our cats, but sometimes they can get a little aggressive in their play and leave us with scratches all over our arms and legs. Sure, you could cover up deeper wounds with regular, boring old band-aids. But why do that when these bright (and accurate) bandages exist? Proudly tell others “it was the cat” and exchange knowing smiles with other cat owners.