Cat Lady Covets: Crazy Cat Sweaters

Crazy Kitty sweaters

Santa hat pinsBack in the summer I had mentioned my love for Pretty Snake designs and their kitty print swimwear. Now that it’s winter, what better time to mention their one-of-a-kind crazy kitty sweaters! I fell in love with this sweater design years ago and still haven’t pulled the trigger to buy one, what’s wrong with me!? I love that the designer (Joseph) finds one-of-a-kind sweaters to print on, so every one is different. I’m loving the lace one on the top right, and gold and red are perfect for the holidays. Speaking of holidays, the icing on the cake (or should I say, the adorable accessory on the cat) are these tiny felt Santa hat pins they design to specifically match up with the kitties on the sweaters. Just pin them on, and your kitty sweater instantly becomes a holiday kitty sweater. Multi-purpose and adorable, what’s not to love?!


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