Daily Dose of Dapper: Tree Time

Tux under tree

It’s that time of year when the holiday tree goes up and I have a confession to make: Hi, my name is Tux (the Dapper Gent), and I’m addicted to Christmas trees. I don’t know if it’s the sparkly lights, the dangling ornaments just begging to be played with, or just the fact that it’s new and exciting, but I just can’t help myself. As soon as mom pulls it out of the box (yeah it’s fake, but we live in a small apartment, cut us some slack!) I’m right there next to her, chewing on the branches and basically getting in the way the entire time. I often sit next to the tree and just stare up into it, mesmerized by the lights and looking for possible squirrels and birds to attack (I never find any though). So far I haven’t knocked the tree over or broken any ornaments, but there are still many days to go before the end of the holiday season and I’m not making any promises. P.S. Here’s a pic of our finished tree below!

Christmas tree


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