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Feline Friends Friday: Kitten Bowl II

Kitten Bowl

It’s what sports fans have been looking forward to all season…the kitten bowl!! Well, I suppose there’s some game going on called the Superbowl too, but here in Tux headquarters we are all about the kitten bowl (at least mom is, dad seems into that other game still).

Kitten bowl 2

Airing on the Hallmark Channel this Sunday, February 1st at 12/11c, the game features over 90 adoptable Cat-letes that will be adopted out immediately following the game. Kittens will compete on obstacle courses filled with lures such as yarn balls, lasers, and toys on string. All kittens are provided by the North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation and spokesperson Beth Stern will be back to host the championship game. Click here for more Kitten Bowl info, and below we’ve listed some of our favorite Cat-letes that we will be watching!

Aaron Pawdgers Clawvin Johnson Ryan Fitzcatrick Spike

Cat Lady Covets: Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

This adorable linen tea towel has it all – vibrant colors, a fun graphic design, a cute saying, great fabrication, and most importantly, cats. And it matches my kitchen color scheme, so I think it’s a must-buy, don’t you agree?

It’s almost too cute to clean with, but the 100% linen towel from Peppergum is so durable and absorbent that it would be a shame not to. Linen actually gets better and softer with age, and is lint-free, so it wont leave pieces of fluff on glassware or mirrors. And it’s smooth and long fibers actually help the material to resist dirt and stains – who knew?! I always thought it was a luxury fabric, but knowing all of this I’m convinced to clean with linen towels now.

Linen Tea Towel detail

There’s a message on the towel that says ‘No one cleans a dish better than a hungry cat,’ but I might have to disagree – no one cleans better than this dish towel! I have insider info that they have a new cat design in the works, so I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s available.

And if you have a product you’d like Cat Lady to review or feature, send us an email:

Daily Dose of Dapper: Window Watcher

Tux looking out window

Looking out of windows ranks pretty high on my list of fun daily activities. I even usually sleep in the window so I can catch any action happening outside. This window at my grandparents house is particularly interesting because there are usually turkeys wandering around outside. Yes, you heard me right, actual turkeys!! Now those are some crazy looking birds. And they make the funniest noises. I had never seen one before, so I’m particularly entranced by the turkeys and don’t even mind having to stand on my hind legs the whole time I’m watching them. To my kitty friends – what do you like to watch from the window? Any turkey sightings??


Tux Tuesday: Julep box

Tux Julep box 1

When mom recently bought some nail polish she had no idea the box it came in would become my new favorite napping spot. She unpacked the box and left it on the dining room table – that’s when I made my move and jumped in, claiming it as my own. It has these crinkly little pieces of paper that make amazing bedding (mom was afraid I might eat them, but watched me and saw that I’m only interested in laying on them). After seeing how much I love the box, it now sits in the living room instead of the recycling bin where it would have ended up. Mom and dad think I’m slowly taking over the house with my affection for boxes, but I think I’m just doing them a favor and not insisting on fancy cat beds!

Tux julep box 2Tux Julep box 3Julep nail polish*This is the actual nail polish and accessories that came in the box in case anyone was interested! It’s my new favorite nail polish – doesn’t chip as quickly as others and has great colors.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Sleepy Squish-face

Sleepy Tux 1

Yawn…last night I was cuddled up on mom’s lap on my favorite blanket and went into a deep, deep sleep. The kind where your face squishes into the blanket and you don’t even care. I even started getting whisker and arm twitches – I was probably dreaming about chasing birds. I had so much fun sleeping last night that I’ll probably do that all day again today.

Tux sleeping 2Tux sleeping 3

Feline Friends Friday: Florence the Cat

Hi! My name is Florence but people call me Flo. I live with my mom and dad in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I must say, I had a great time indulging in the holidays this year (see me getting hand-fed below…)

Flo hand fed

Now, you might be looking at this photo and thinking I’m a little “overweight” or maybe, like others have done in the past, you are comparing me to a loaf of bread (see BuzzFeed’s 100 Most Important Cat Photos of All Time).

Cat loaf

Well, you have it all wrong. I’m just big-boned and have a thick and luxurious coat which makes it seem like I need to shed a few pounds. Yet, with the new year in full swing and therefore, new year’s resolutions determined, my resolution is do exactly what I’ve been doing….exercising enough as it is! I am an advocate for my fellow feline loaves of bread out there whose parents and loved ones keep telling them they need to exercise more.

Case in point, I had to jump up to the top of this bunk bed before I could take my naps while at a cozy northern Michigan cottage this winter:

Flo cozy

And, here’s me playing with the water faucet in the bathroom. Swiping my arm through the rush of a powerful waterfall is exhausting and definitely burns calories! Obviously I’m just resting my arms in this photo from all the strenuous work:

Flo sink

And, to top it all off, my parent’s new “baby” spends his days chasing me around. Gone are the days where I peacefully curl up in my cat bed or sunbathe in the living room. This terror will continue to interrupt my routine, making me actually move and exert energy for the foreseeable future:

Flo dog friend

So while many flock to the gyms in 2015, I will continue with my mad-hops, water faucet arm swings and puppy-dodging maneuvers because clearly this constitutes plenty of exercise!

Cat Lady Covets: Caturday Pouch set

Caturday pouch set

Everyday is Caturday, at least in my book. Why not remind everyone else with this adorable (and inexpensive!) Caturday pouch set from Forever 21?! These pouches are perfect for holding everything from makeup to jewelry, and are great for throwing in your purse on the go. I have a ton of little pouches and use them the most when traveling to organize all of the little essentials girls always seem to need. Or just buy them because they’re cute and maybe your cat needs a place to store their smaller toys?!

Caturday pouch close-up

Daily Dose of Dapper: Reunited


Mom and dad have been in NYC for the past week attending a wedding. Grandma has been taking great care of me while I’ve been gone, but I can’t wait to get home and see my parents today! And to play with all of my toys, sleep in my cat tree again, watch the people in the city walking by, and of course, cuddle at night with mom.


Daily Dose of Dapper: Monkey Tail

Tux monkey tail

Over the weekend I was sitting in the window at my grandparent’s house and my auntie saw me and thought it was a perfect photo op! I have kind of a little monkey tail going on here, don’t you think? The below pic caught me in a funny face, like “come on, did you get it already?” haha

Tux funny face

Tux Tuesday: Rescue Remedy for Pets

Rescue Remedy for petsI’d like to think of myself as a pretty good traveler (considering most cats hate change and travel). I sit quietly in my carrier and just doze off for the trip. That is, until the carsickness strikes. I am pretty much guaranteed to throw up on a car trip. Thankfully it’s towards the end of the trip, but it’s so gross and just makes me sad and my nose really pink.

I was sharing my traveling woes and a friend told me about a great remedy she uses for her cats called Rescue Remedy. Apparently you just drop a couple of drops onto a treat or in the water bowl and it will help to calm your pet. And since it’s all natural, it’s not like giving them medicine. I know I’m getting a bottle to try for my next road trip!

Does anybody else have remedies for carsickness in kitties?