Happy New Year!

Tux on NYE

Hello to all of my friends in 2015! Hope you all had a great holiday and start to the new year. I took a little break from the blog to fully enjoy my holidays (even us cats need a break from work), but now I’m back and ready to blog!

I wanted to share some pics from my New Year’s celebrations…top pic is right before midnight, bottom pic is right after. What can I say, I’m a party animal and needed a little siesta after all of the excitement. Mom and dad stayed at home to party with me which was really nice since I get scared of all of the loud firecrackers and noisemakers (they even let me sniff their caviar!).

I’ve decided my resolutions for 2015 are to drink more water and to get as much beauty sleep as possible. What did you do for New Year’s Eve? Any resolutions?

Tux after midnight



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Hey, Tux! We didn’t realize you had a blog. We’ve been buddies on Instagram for a while, but we completely missed that you had a blog too. So glad you stopped by ours today and commented – thanks! Will be subscribing to your blog now!

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      Hi!! Thanks for subscribing! I’ve been slacking on my Instagram, I need to jump back on that. Great to connect with you here, hope you’re having a great new year so far!
      xo Tux


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