Cat Lady Covets: Pocket Spirit Animal

Project Social T Peeking Cat Tee - Urban Outfitters

Last time I was online shopping at Urban Outfitters I was this close to buying this shirt. But thoughts of savings and responsibility danced through my head and I held strong. The shirt looks super soft, and has a great classic relaxed fit.

Pocket Spirit Animal GrumpyThe reason I call it a “Pocket Spirit Animal” comes from a homemade present I gave my dad last Christmas (see right). Grumpy Cat was gaining in popularity, but wasn’t really to the point where you could buy a lot of items with the grumpster herself on them yet. My dad loved Grumpy’s sass and hilarious meme, so I took it upon myself to make my own graphic in Photoshop and print it on iron transfer paper to customize one of his old shirts as a joke (note even the pocket is faux and was created in Photoshop). The joke went over well, but alas, the quality of the transfer was not up to par and washed out after a couple of wears.

This shirt from Urban Outfitters looks a bit more professional, and I’m sure it wouldn’t wash off after a couple of wears like my version did. But I’d like to think I was ahead of the trends, considering I made this similar version a year ago. And handmade gifts are always awesome.


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