Tux Tuesday: Rescue Remedy for Pets

Rescue Remedy for petsI’d like to think of myself as a pretty good traveler (considering most cats hate change and travel). I sit quietly in my carrier and just doze off for the trip. That is, until the carsickness strikes. I am pretty much guaranteed to throw up on a car trip. Thankfully it’s towards the end of the trip, but it’s so gross and just makes me sad and my nose really pink.

I was sharing my traveling woes and a friend told me about a great remedy she uses for her cats called Rescue Remedy. Apparently you just drop a couple of drops onto a treat or in the water bowl and it will help to calm your pet. And since it’s all natural, it’s not like giving them medicine. I know I’m getting a bottle to try for my next road trip!

Does anybody else have remedies for carsickness in kitties?


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