Feline Friends Friday: Florence the Cat

Hi! My name is Florence but people call me Flo. I live with my mom and dad in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I must say, I had a great time indulging in the holidays this year (see me getting hand-fed below…)

Flo hand fed

Now, you might be looking at this photo and thinking I’m a little “overweight” or maybe, like others have done in the past, you are comparing me to a loaf of bread (see BuzzFeed’s 100 Most Important Cat Photos of All Time).

Cat loaf

Well, you have it all wrong. I’m just big-boned and have a thick and luxurious coat which makes it seem like I need to shed a few pounds. Yet, with the new year in full swing and therefore, new year’s resolutions determined, my resolution is do exactly what I’ve been doing….exercising enough as it is! I am an advocate for my fellow feline loaves of bread out there whose parents and loved ones keep telling them they need to exercise more.

Case in point, I had to jump up to the top of this bunk bed before I could take my naps while at a cozy northern Michigan cottage this winter:

Flo cozy

And, here’s me playing with the water faucet in the bathroom. Swiping my arm through the rush of a powerful waterfall is exhausting and definitely burns calories! Obviously I’m just resting my arms in this photo from all the strenuous work:

Flo sink

And, to top it all off, my parent’s new “baby” spends his days chasing me around. Gone are the days where I peacefully curl up in my cat bed or sunbathe in the living room. This terror will continue to interrupt my routine, making me actually move and exert energy for the foreseeable future:

Flo dog friend

So while many flock to the gyms in 2015, I will continue with my mad-hops, water faucet arm swings and puppy-dodging maneuvers because clearly this constitutes plenty of exercise!


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