Tux Tuesday: Julep box

Tux Julep box 1

When mom recently bought some nail polish she had no idea the box it came in would become my new favorite napping spot. She unpacked the box and left it on the dining room table – that’s when I made my move and jumped in, claiming it as my own. It has these crinkly little pieces of paper that make amazing bedding (mom was afraid I might eat them, but watched me and saw that I’m only interested in laying on them). After seeing how much I love the box, it now sits in the living room instead of the recycling bin where it would have ended up. Mom and dad think I’m slowly taking over the house with my affection for boxes, but I think I’m just doing them a favor and not insisting on fancy cat beds!

Tux julep box 2Tux Julep box 3Julep nail polish*This is the actual nail polish and accessories that came in the box in case anyone was interested! It’s my new favorite nail polish – doesn’t chip as quickly as others and has great colors.


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