Daily Dose of Dapper: Window Watcher

Tux looking out window

Looking out of windows ranks pretty high on my list of fun daily activities. I even usually sleep in the window so I can catch any action happening outside. This window at my grandparents house is particularly interesting because there are usually turkeys wandering around outside. Yes, you heard me right, actual turkeys!! Now those are some crazy looking birds. And they make the funniest noises. I had never seen one before, so I’m particularly entranced by the turkeys and don’t even mind having to stand on my hind legs the whole time I’m watching them. To my kitty friends – what do you like to watch from the window? Any turkey sightings??



2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Dapper: Window Watcher

  1. pilch92

    Your grandparents need to get you a chair or something to sit on. We get lots of turkeys ( in warmer weather) and squirrels, stinkin squirrels year round.

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      A chair is a good idea! Wow you get turkeys too? I had never seen them running around wild before! I love watching the squirrels too, I start chirping at them 🙂
      xo Tux


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