Cat Lady Covets: Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

Hungry Cat Linen Tea Towel

This adorable linen tea towel has it all – vibrant colors, a fun graphic design, a cute saying, great fabrication, and most importantly, cats. And it matches my kitchen color scheme, so I think it’s a must-buy, don’t you agree?

It’s almost too cute to clean with, but the 100% linen towel from Peppergum is so durable and absorbent that it would be a shame not to. Linen actually gets better and softer with age, and is lint-free, so it wont leave pieces of fluff on glassware or mirrors. And it’s smooth and long fibers actually help the material to resist dirt and stains – who knew?! I always thought it was a luxury fabric, but knowing all of this I’m convinced to clean with linen towels now.

Linen Tea Towel detail

There’s a message on the towel that says ‘No one cleans a dish better than a hungry cat,’ but I might have to disagree – no one cleans better than this dish towel! I have insider info that they have a new cat design in the works, so I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s available.

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