Feline Friends Friday: Kitten Bowl II

Kitten Bowl

It’s what sports fans have been looking forward to all season…the kitten bowl!! Well, I suppose there’s some game going on called the Superbowl too, but here in Tux headquarters we are all about the kitten bowl (at least mom is, dad seems into that other game still).

Kitten bowl 2

Airing on the Hallmark Channel this Sunday, February 1st at 12/11c, the game features over 90 adoptable Cat-letes that will be adopted out immediately following the game. Kittens will compete on obstacle courses filled with lures such as yarn balls, lasers, and toys on string. All kittens are provided by the North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation and spokesperson Beth Stern will be back to host the championship game. Click here for more Kitten Bowl info, and below we’ve listed some of our favorite Cat-letes that we will be watching!

Aaron Pawdgers Clawvin Johnson Ryan Fitzcatrick Spike


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