Tux Tuesday: MAURI Super Premium Cat Food

Mauri cans

Ok, I admit it, I’m a pretty picky eater. As soon as my parents think I like a food, I’m already over it and wanting something different. I’ve even given up wet food lately (which used to be my favorite) in favor of dry food. What can I say, I like variety I guess.

So when MAURI Super Premium Pet Food sent us two cans of their wet food to try, mom was skeptical that I would go for it, especially with exotic flavors like wild kangaroo and wild brushtail that I had never tried before.

Tux and MAURI cat food

But guess what – I LOVED it! I couldn’t even wait for mom to finish opening the can before I started to dive in. Not only do they use premium animal proteins sourced from Australia and New Zealand, but also include beneficial ingredients like pumpkin for digestive support, cranberries to help maintain a healthy urinary tract and New Zealand green mussel for joint support. And there’s none of those nasty fillers like grain, gluten, or potato.

Tux eating MAURI cat food

Now the only problem is that I’ve run out of this delicious food!! Maybe if I’m a really good kitty mom and dad will buy me more for Valentine’s Day.



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