Cat Lady Covets: Jonathan Adler Cat Salt & Pepper set

Jonathan Adler Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers

I think it’s fair to guess that almost every household has salt and pepper in it. But if you’re anything like us, function and price have taken priority over style.

Specifically, you have a Costco-sized box of Kosher salt and cheap pepper grinder from Trader Joe’s sitting next to the stove top. But the built-in grinder from the Trader Joe’s pepper just wasn’t cutting it (producing giant pieces of un-ground pepper that kept ruining fancy meals), so you “invested” in a nicer metal one that let’s you control the grain size (finely ground, thank you!). But all of these are still just primarily for cooking, not something you’d actually want to set on the table at a dinner party.

That’s where this gorgeous stoneware salt and pepper set by famed potter Jonathan Adler comes to the rescue. It’s the perfect grown-up dinner party set for cat lovers that will have you sprinkling salt and pepper in style. And of course, we think black and white is the best combo (just like a tuxie!).


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