Cat Lady Covets: Cat Stripe Tote

Cat stripe tote

It’s pretty much guaranteed if you see me walking around SF I’ll have a tote bag with me. Partially because of the plastic bag ban (and requirement of paying 10 cents per paper bag) and partially because I’m just a bag lady. Girls require lots of stuff, and my tiny cross-body purse I carry all the time just doesn’t fit everything I need on a daily basis.

Since a tote has become an everyday accessory for me, I want to make sure I have a variety of cute, quality ones to choose from. I saw this tote at my favorite local boutique and fell in love with the simple design and black and white motif. Black pretty much goes with everything, and shows a love for cats without screaming “crazy cat lady.” Not that I mind that label, but subtle is always more chic 😉


3 thoughts on “Cat Lady Covets: Cat Stripe Tote

  1. kittiesblue

    I always get in trouble when I read your cat lady covets posts. I had to find this tote and did at Unfortunately it is out of stock but says it will be back next month. I MUST have one. Hugs, Janet

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