Tux Tuesday: CatConLA

Cat Con logo

So yesterday my Aunt Amy alerted us to CatConLA – a convention in Los Angeles this summer that’s basically like Comic-Con for cat lovers. OMG, can you believe it?! I think we pretty much have to go, right? We can promote tuxthedappergent.com, and also find out about all of the newest cat toys, food, apparel, and more. The speaker list is also pretty amazing (see below). The expo takes place on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, 2015 at The Reef LA. Who’s going to join us?!

Cat Con speaker list


4 thoughts on “Tux Tuesday: CatConLA

  1. dashkitten

    You ar ea new Tux on our radar – nice to meet you! We are afraid we spoiled your tidy 222 on FB too. We will add you to our blogroll, if this is OK, and want to say its nice to meet you.

    Harvey, Miranda, Silver and Marjorie


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