Cat Lady Covets: Bergies Cat Socks


I have a confession: You know those sock stores you always see in tourist spots? I get REALLY excited about them. You never know how many types of socks there actually are until you venture into one of these places. And there is almost always a guarantee that you’ll find at least one pair of cat socks, which I of course immediately snatch up.

So when Bergies (an online sock retailer) reached out and asked if I wanted to check out some of their socks, I jumped at the chance. Their “About me” specifically calls out their love of cat socks, so that’s another plus in my book. The box arrived and I was in heaven – cat socks galore!! From “hipster cat” ankle socks to “winking cat” knee highs, there was something for every type of cat lover.

Bergies non-skid slipper socks

Right off the bat I can already tell that the rainbow slipper socks with a non-skid bottom will become a new favorite (with hardwood floors throughout our apartment, the non-skid is a great bonus). And the brown paw print socks completely live up to their claim of “World’s softest” – these are definitely going to be reserved for lounging and sleeping.

Bergies soft paw print socks

The rest with the fun prints and designs are great daily socks, the “hipster cats” being my favorite of the bunch (very appropriate for San Francisco and one of its most know subcultures). And want to make flying more enjoyable? I like wearing my animal socks to the airport – even the grumpiest security officer will usually crack a smile when they catch a glimpse of cats prancing after yarn balls or penguins wearing scarves when I have to walk shoeless through the metal detector.

Bergies rainbow slipper socks

But beyond great designs, Bergies places high value on the welfare of animals, committing to being a 100% vegan company (you’ll never find wool socks here). So if you’re looking to put an extra little smile into your day, I suggest checking out their website. They’re Tux approved!

Tux approved


11 thoughts on “Cat Lady Covets: Bergies Cat Socks

  1. kittiesblue

    Never heard of this retailer, but I definitely plan to check it out and see what kind of trouble I can get into. I love socks with cats, bears and pandas. When I am in an airport with one of those sock stores, I can never resist. Hugs, Janet

  2. mbdubz

    Kittiesblue, definately check it out, the cat socks are ENDLESS! — not to mention they also offer adult onesie Pj’s!

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