Feline Friends Friday: Cat Island

Cat island 1

Seeing pictures of the Japanese island Aoshima is proof that dreams really can come true. On this tiny fishing island, cats outnumber humans six to one. They roam free, lounging on the docks in the sun and begging for food from the local villagers. The sheer amount of cats is astounding in these following pictures, almost looking as they had been photoshopped together. Our hope is that they aren’t starving or neglected, but in the images they all appear to be pretty healthy and looked after by locals.

Cat island 2Cat island 3Cat island 4Cat island 5Cat island 6

*To see more photos and to see the full story, click here.



3 thoughts on “Feline Friends Friday: Cat Island

  1. zooeyandgandalf

    I read it somewhere that the island used to have rodent problem and cats were brought in to catch the rats. The people are mostly elderly on the island and the cats keep them happy. Definitely a great place!
    Jocelyn (Mom of Zooey and Gandalf)


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