Daily Dose of Dapper: Hoarder

Tux hoarding

For most people, socks have a tendency to disappear into a black hole after laundry day. No one knows exactly where they go, but it’s a guarantee that you’ll end up with at least one lone sock missing its other half. Around our house, the same goes for hairbands. Mom buys a pack (usually around 15 hair bands) and within weeks the entire pack is gone. She will occasionally find a couple lying around the apartment or hidden in my food bowl for safe-keeping, but where have the others gone?

One day dad was moving a chair in the living room to vacuum and found my secret stash of hair bands (and various fun things to bat around the house)! Specifically:
24 hair bands of various types
1 broken sunglasses arm
1 package of fake eyelashes
1 pair of cat nail clippers (dang, I was hoping they wouldn’t find those)
1 packet of DayQuil
1 bag handle
1 makeup brush
2 pieces of trash

I can only imagine when we move what treasures we will uncover from underneath the bookshelves and other larger pieces of furniture. I’ll have a whole new arsenal of hair bands and toys to play with!

Tux hoarding 2


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