Feline Friends Friday: Help Anna Von Littles!

Anna Von Littles

One of our kitty friends was recently attacked by a loose dog and needs help covering medical costs. See her story below, and if you want to help you can visit her GoFundMe account here.

baby Anna Von Littles

This GoFundMe account is to help cover the costs of saving a good friend’s cat named Anna Von Littles. In May of 2009 five baby kittens were found on the side of a house in a pile of love with their mom, a stray. Anna was quickly adopted and given lots of love, along with her 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Anna has been an important part of our friend’s life and has kept in touch with her fur siblings over the last 5 years. On Sunday, March 15, 2015 Anna Von Littles was attacked by a loose dog in her apartment complex and was severely injured. The dog’s owner ran off without stopping and thankfully there was no kids playing in the area. Anna’s mom rushed her to the ER where she later learned Anna’s front leg and tail needed to be amputated in order for Anna to survive. Anna is still receiving treatment. These life saving procedures and nights in the animal hospital have run upwards of $6,000. Anna’s mom is a dedicated special education teacher who never asks for help or handouts as it is her nature to only give back to others. Her friends are asking for your help with the costs to #SaveVonLittles.

Anna Von Littles


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