Tux Tuesday: Wet Food Woes

Sad Tux

I need help my friends…I have decided I hate all of the wet food that my parents have bought for me. They’ve tried many different kinds, and I’ll eat one can (maybe, or just lick up the gravy from the food), and then decide I don’t like it anymore. I tend to prefer chunky bits of meat as opposed to “mush,” and usually like chicken (or kangaroo!) more than fish. Does anyone have suggestions for me on their favorite pet food brands and flavors? Mom and dad are getting desperate! As you know, male cats especially need lots of water in their diet, and wet food helps with that. So even if they can get me to eat wet food a couple of times a week in addition to dry food they think it will help my overall health. See how sad I look? I just want some yummy wet food that’s healthy and tasty!


10 thoughts on “Tux Tuesday: Wet Food Woes

  1. pilch92

    We don’t have any kangaroo around here. I just buy Friskies with gravy for my kitties. It is not the healthiest out there, but they eat it. I have tried more expensive and better ingredients, but they prefer Friskies. I figure as long as they are getting the moisture from it then it is fine. Good luck Tux, I don’t want you to be sad.

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      Thanks for the advice, we’ve been thinking of just giving in and getting Tux Friskies or something like that. He had it when he was a kitten when we first brought him home and he seemed to love it! I agree, moisture from that is much better than nothing.

  2. elsasdiary99

    “I’ll eat one can and then decide I don’t like it any more” ….. sounds just like my cat!! 😉

  3. The Island Cats

    Y’know, the mom has bought us lots of different canned foods lately…mostly stuff she says is healthier for us…and I turn my nose up to them. So I need some suggestions too! One food I do like is Weruva. They have chicken flavored ones…but I don’t think they have kangaroo. ~Ernie

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      Another reader suggested TikiCat – maybe give that a try? We tried a can of Mauri wild kangaroo entree and loved it, but it’s hard to find in the US. I liked my Blue WIlderness chicken and trout mix for awhile, but now I’m just not into it anymore. I’ll have to try Weruva, thanks! Hope maybe some of these suggestions work for you!

  4. zooeyandgandalf

    I am the same way! I tend to dislike many kinds of wet food and my preference changes all the time. But have you tried Merrick or Best Feline Friends? Those seem to taste fine to me at times. Also, do you have a drinking fountain at home? That does the trick for me on drinking water! -zooey

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      I haven’t tried either of those, thanks for the suggestions! I don’t have a drinking fountain either, but love drinking out of the sink faucet, so mom and dad have been talking about getting me one 😉 Good idea! xo Tux


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