Cat Lady Covets: Kitty Trinket Dish

Kitty trinket dish - Anthropologie

Everyone has odds and ends lying around the house. A stray rubber band, loose change, keys, coupons, etc…they always seem to float around on counter tops and in purses, but would be much easier to find and use if contained in one place.

We love trinket dishes for this purpose. They look pretty, and help to make counters and dressers look more organized. And when we saw this whimsical kitty dish at Anthropologie, we imagined all of the different purposes it could serve besides just a trinket dish (and as many excuses as possible to buy it!):
Succulent pot
Candy dish
Jewelry holder
Office supply container
Bookshelf decoration
Cotton swab or cotton ball holder in the bathroom

Kitty dish as succulent pot

Can you think of more uses for this cute dish?


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