Feline Friends Friday: Snacky Mouse Rumble

Snacky Mouse Rumble

In our household, some are better at computer and video games than others. As in, dad is a pro gamer, I’m pretty good at my iPad cat games, and mom is pretty horrible. Sorry mom, it’s the truth (except for Mario Kart, she’s pretty good at that). So when she saw this fun cat-themed game on Buzzfeed that only required the skills of pressing the arrow keys left or right, so figured she’d give it a go.

Snacky Mouse Rumble instructions

The gist of the game is to try to punch the yummy foods and dodge the bombs, and that’s all you need to know! Even though it seems easy, mom hasn’t scored more than 1380, so she’s not sure if there are other levels or if it gets harder. But it’s a fun way to spend a couple of minutes if you need a game break. Let us know your high scores if you try it out!

Snacky Mouse Rumble cat punching


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