Tux Tuesday: New Goodies


We were so excited when we won 15 and Meowing‘s contest for the new book Eight Hundred Grapes, and were even more excited when we received our prizes in the mail over the weekend! Mom has been looking for a new book to read, and our close proximity to Wine Country makes this a fun read because it’s about a woman who had grown up on her family’s vineyard in Sonoma. And Ellen was so sweet to include some handmade catnip toys for me!! I love them so much and can’t stop hugging them and rolling around with them and batting them around the house. Thank you so much 15 and Meowing!!

Tux sniffing the toysTux hugging the eggTux looking at the fishTux rolling around with the fish


6 thoughts on “Tux Tuesday: New Goodies

  1. pilch92

    Awwww…..you look so cute hugging that Easter egg. Thanks for posting! I love seeing kitties enjoying items I made and I hope your Mom enjoys the book.

    1. easydoesitstyle Post author

      Thank you so much for my new toys, I love them so much and they are definitely my favorites now. I like to carry them around and keep them in my bed with my while I sleep. Mom will have to do a book review or let you know how she likes the book when she’s done 🙂 xo Tux

  2. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Cool! ConCATs on winning their giveaway – they always have good ones. We have some of those nip toys too – they are pawesome!


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