Tux Tuesday: Star Wars at Petco

Star Wars at Petco

All this talk about Star Wars yesterday made me wonder if Petco had any new Star Wars themed toys since my last purchases (Yoda ears and Chewbacca/Yoda mice). Well, they definitely do and will probably produce even more with all of the hype around the next movie.

I’ve somehow lost my Yoda mouse and think this little Yoda plush toy would be a great replacement. And how cute are the Han Solo and Leia mice? But don’t even get me started on the Princess Leia buns hat, mom better not get any ideas! They have tons more than what I’m showing here if you’re a fan. What’s your favorite piece from their Star Wars collection?


1 thought on “Tux Tuesday: Star Wars at Petco

  1. pilch92

    I want to get that space ship on a pole- my hubby will think it is Star Trek if he doesn’t look too carefully. 🙂


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