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Feline Friends Friday: Cardboard Box Maze

Cardboard box maze

I think it’s obvious how much us cats love our cardboard boxes. But one cat parent took it to the ultimate level and made their cats a cardboard box maze. What a great idea!! Hello, parents, are you listening?! Check out the video below to see the cats bouncing from box to box and enjoying the maze.

*Look at the adorable kitten in the far left box at 1:20 – we’re not sure if it’s begging for treats, clapping, praying, dancing, etc, but it’s pretty cute.

Cat Lady Covets: Tiny Cat Head Necklace

Cat Head necklace - Elaine Ho

I’ve been on a hunt for a perfectly delicate, silver necklace as an alternative to my usual gold necklace and I think I’ve found it. This dainty cat head adds interest without being too over the top, and the 20″ length makes it a good everyday necklace (easy to pair with most shirt necklines). And handcrafted in sterling silver by Montreal maker Elaine Ho, it has a homemade air to it rather than the mass-manufactured quality you find with most jewelry nowadays.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Strawberry Fields Forever

Tux strawberry

I don’t know what it is, but I’m mesmerized by strawberries (and pistachios, but that’s a whole other story for a different post). Mom and dad have been buying a lot lately from the local farmer’s market, and whenever mom washes a couple to eat I’m right there next to her watching her eat them. They’re just so juicy looking I can’t help it, and always lick a few of them when she’s not looking. I never actually bite into them, but just really enjoy licking the water off of them and from the bottom of the bowl. Any other cats do this, or is it just me?

Tux strawberries 2Tux strawberries 3

Daily Dose of Dapper: No Pictures Please


Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I tried to relax, but the dang pawparazzi wouldn’t leave me alone! They kept shouting about needing pictures for blog posts, but who has time for that when there beds that need to be napped in and treats that need to be eaten? I say, talk to the hand, er, paw!

Pawparazzi 2

Feline Friends Friday: This is Not My Cat!

Not my cat 1

We all know that cats can be total ninjas. One second they’re sitting on your lap purring away, the next second they’re in the kitchen knocking something off the counter. But what’s more shocking is to walk into a ninja cat in your house that isn’t even your cat! Here are some hilarious photos people have submitted of “not their cats.”

Not my cat 2

Not my cat 3

Not my cat 4

Not my cat 5

Not my cat 6

Not my cat 7

To see more pics and the original post, click here.

Cat Lady Covets: Mewgaroo

Mewgaroo 1

So, the website that sells this isn’t in English, and I have no idea how much it costs or how to get one, but how cool is this sweatshirt?! Featuring a deep pocket with an easy to remove and clean liner, its only purpose is to snuggle with your cat. Well, and probably to keep you warm, but primarily to give your cat a little snuggly warm spot to nap close to your heart. I love the paw pad details and ears on the sweatshirt too, very cat-lady appropriate. Tux loves napping on me, so I could only hope he would be my little baby kangaroo snuggle buddy in this sweatshirt, it just might take some getting used to. Do you think your cat would cozy up to you in this?

Mewgaroo 2Mewgaroo 3

*It seems like their website is down right now, but the sweatshirt is made by the Japanese company Unihabitat.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Dozing Off

Sleepy Tux

I’m feeling lazy today. So lazy, I didn’t even post until late afternoon. It’s just one of those days.

Tux awake

Ok, so now that I posted, can I go back to sleep? K thanks, bye!

Tux sleeping 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Flop Blocking

Tux belly

Surely you don’t want to take your shower just yet? I know you can’t resist my fluffy belly, perhaps you would like to pause for a second and pet me before venturing past? This is a move I call “flop blocking” – if you want attention from your human, just flop over onto your back and roll back and forth and I guarantee you, instant belly rubs. They will forget what they were doing and will instead coo at how cute you are and give some nice chin scratches too. And if you’re REALLY lucky, maybe even a treat.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Shadow Play

Tux shadow

I was sitting on this blanket the other day and mom thought the pattern perfectly aligned so it looked like I was casting a kitty shadow on it, too funny! I see the ears, but what’s the other one in the middle? It must be an invisible crown I’m wearing because I’m king of the castle! hehe

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Logic

Another hilarious video from our friends Cole and Marmalade – does any of this look familiar to you all? Most of the “cat logic” shown is an everyday occurrence for us 😉